1. Paw of cassowary and human hand

2. Jimmy Fallon and Shaquille O’Neal Jacket

3. Eagle’s claw

4. Moose and car size

5. African elephant skull and human skeleton

6. Wolf and labrador

7. Gorilla hand

8. Road sign

9. A giant freshwater stingray

10. A centipede

11. Coconut crab

12. Lion’s paw

13. Titanic and modern liner

14. Camel and girl

15. “The size of this 400,000 volt underground cable compared to my hand”

16. Traffic light

17. Curiosity Rover

18. Palm of man and wolf’s paw

19. Turbine plane

20. Size of pluto and australia

21. Paw eagle

22. Mining Excavator Bucket

23. The structure and height of the anthill

24. Astronomical observatory ELT in comparison with the Colosseum

25. Maine Coon and the usual cat

26. Wombat

27. Sea turtle

28. African land snail

29. The biggest flying bird that ever walked the Earth

30. Horse lungs

31. Wolf and coyotes

32. Look behind, there’s a bus

33. Crocodile and man

34. The tallest tree in the world

35. Newborn crocodile and adult crocodile tooth

36. The bear’s claw on the left, and the ostrich on the right

37. Jaws of a giant shark Megalodon and White Shark

38. Giant Sequoias in Yosemite National Park

39. 17 year old and 3 week old king cobra

40. Amur tiger and man

41. Hafthor Bjornsson and the mug